SMILE provides Research, Development, Training and Consulting on the following areas:

  • > Mobile Pervasive and Ubiquitous Learning & Assessment.
  • > Smart Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables.
  • > Learning & Assessment Analytics, and Educational Data Mining.
  • > Personalized Recommendations and Feedback (Visualizations, Cognitive, Affective, Motivational).
  • > Open Educational Resources/ Practices (OERs/ OEPs), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
  • > Quality Interactive Mobile Learning Applications and Environments.
  • > Learner Modeling, Learner Evaluation & Acceptance (Satisfaction, Easy of Use, Enjoyment) of Mobile Learning Tools & Interventions.
  • > Evidence-based new effective Educational Design, Strategies, Methodologies and Interventions.
  • > Personalized and Adaptive Learning & Assessment.
  • > Student Motivation and Autonomous Learning.
  • > Collaborative & Social Learning, and Crowdsourced Knowledge Creation.
  • > Gamification, Game-based Learning, Serious Games and Business Games Simulations.
  • > Digital Skills, 21st Century Skills and STEM.
  • > Computer-Assisted Language Learning.
  • > Economics of E-Learning.
    SMILE provides Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation of Open Quality:
  • > Educational and Instructional Designs, Methodologies, Strategies, Interventions, and Pedagogies in various educational contexts (primary, high school, university, adult education).
  • > Interactive Educational Technologies (mobiles, social networks, simulations/games, learning analytics, EEG, etc.) to enhance teaching, training, learning and assessment.
  • > Interactive Mobile Learning Tools, Applications, Resources & Practices (OERs, OEPS), and Environments.
  • > Personalized Recommendations and Feedback (Visualizations, Cognitive, Affective, Motivational), Avatars and Intelligent Pedagogical Agents.
  • > E-Communities of Practice, Collaborations and Networks of Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Companies etc.
  • > Learner Studies & Surveys, Analysis of Learner Needs, Interests, Goals, Attitudes, Behaviors, Skills, Employment, etc.
    SMILE provides Blended Teaching, Training and Assessment on:
    • > Digital Skills
    • > E-Learning Tools, Resources (OERs), Practices (OEPs) and Methodologies.
    • > Foreign Language Learning
    • > STEM
    • > Information Systems in Business,
    • > E-Commerce, E-Entrepreneurship and E-Business.

SMILE develops Collaborations, Partnerships, Networks and Communities of Practice with other Research Groups, Schools, Businesses/Enterprises, Software Companies, Private and Public Organizations, National and International Associations, Policy Makers, etc.