SMILE is committed to Research, Development and Training in the areas of Technology-enhanced Learning and especially in Open & Quality Mobile Interactive Personalized and Collaborative Learning & Assessment.

SMILE provides excellence in Research, Development, Application and Evaluation of Open, Quality, Innovative, and Effective:

  • > Learning & Instructional Design, Strategies, Methodologies, Interventions, and Pedagogies;
  • > Interactive Mobile Learning Applications and Environments;
  • > Educational Resources/ Practices (OERs/ OEPs) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs);

SMILE provides excellence in Blended Teaching, Training and Assessment on Digital Skills, E-Commerce, Business Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Languages and STEM. The target groups include learners, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals, employees, and unemployed, among others.

More specifically, SMILE does:

  1.   > conduct evidence-based Research on Mobile Learning in order to increase the Learners’ Learning, Skills, Engagement, Interest, Satisfaction, Motivation, Self- Regulation, Collaboration, Creativity, etc.
  2. > integrate and apply the research findings into the Real-World Educational Practices,
  3. > connect the research results with Society, Education, Real World, Work, Employment, Businesses etc.,
  4. > Openly Disseminate its research findings and its Open Source Educational Tools and Systems,
  5. > promote the adoption, creation, use and exchange of Open & Mobile Educational Tools, Resources and Practices (OERs/OEPS) at all levels of education, economy and society,
  6. > create, use and distribute Interactive Educational Tools, Mobile applications, OERs/OEPs, MOOCs, etc.
  7. > provide Blended Teaching, Training and Assessment on Business Information Systems, E-Commerce, Informatics, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship, and STEM,
  8. > develop the Digital Skills, Foreign Languages and 21st century Skills of Learners, Educators (teachers, professors, and adult trainers), Employees, Unemployed, etc.
  9. > provide Vocational Training, Advising and Consulting to Businesses, Companies, Private and Public Organizations,
  10. > develop advanced Researchers and Specialists in the scientific areas of Mobile Learning Technologies, Interventions and Pedagogies,
  11. > develop the Schools’ and Companies’ Educational Strategies and Innovativeness,
  12. > support the Entrepreneurs’ and Innovators’ development,
  13. > enable and support specific or multidisciplinary Communities of Practice among learners, educators, research labs, schools, businesses, companies, private and public organizations,
  14. > develop Cooperation and Partnerships with other Research Labs, Academic Institutions, Schools, Companies, Startups in order to produce cutting-edge multidisciplinary research, training, educational tools, environments, strategies and policies,
  15. > implement Cooperative Projects with Greek and European Public Sector bodies (e.g. Ministries, Regions, Prefectures, Town Halls, Smart Cities, Champers), Scientific, Professional and Social bodies (such as educational and cultural associations, museums, NGOs, charities),
  16. > recommend Educational Policies and Guidelines to Greek and European Educational Institutes, Businesses, Companies and Public Authorities,
  17. > promote Internationalization by participating in international projects, conferences, seminars, summer schools, journals etc.,
  18. > organize scientific Events such as lectures, seminars, symposiums, summer schools, conferences,
  19. > attract Funded Research from national and international resources to the scientific areas of the SMILE's activities.